Side Projects Studio
We are building side projects in
jobs curation and SaaS space.
Our Projects
SaaS Screenshots
The ultimate inspiration source for saas designers, including 1.000+ companies with 10.000 screenshots in 20+ different categories.

One of our difference compared to others is we update screenshots once in 3 months and you can see the differences with the previous version.

And enjoy bookmarking your favorites.
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Customer Success Jobs
It's a curated list of customer success jobs integrated with 10+ job aggregator websites.

It's updated daily and you can find job postings from all around the world.
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SaaS Affiliate Programs (Exited)
The curation of SaaS Affiliate programs including their commission rates, full-page screenshots, cookie days lifelong, affiliate lifetime model and related people emails.
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Who we are?
We are a group of two experts at scraping and building side projects.
Levent Aşkan
Levent spent five years working for b2b companies in different departments and has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing/business development.
Zeydan Kapılı
Scraper / Developer
Zeydan is our IT guy and spent 5+ years working in various spaces in the back end.